A user with the List Admin permission can provide a quick tip to assist users in correctly populating a field in the Contract Profile screen. A quick tip is usually a phrase or a short sentence that provides guidance when users have several items to choose from in a field list. Quick tips are also used to ensure users populate or format a text field correctly.

Important: The Contract Description field is used as a quick tip during the contract request process, rather than in the Contract Profile screen. When a user initiates a contract request and selects a Contract Request Type template, a quick tip icon displays for the Contract Description field in the template so that when the user hovers over the icon, the information provided as a quick tip assists the user in populating the field. The information the user enters into this field is transferred to the Contract Description field in the Contract Profile once the contract request is approved an d the Profile is created.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Lists link in the menu.
  2. In the List Administration screen, enter contract in the Search field and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  3. When the alphabetized results display in the Fields List section, locate the Contract (7 Items) category.
  4. In the Contract category, click the Contract Quick Tips list to display the fields that can have a quick tip in right side of the screen.
  5. Add a quick tip for any of the fields listed:


    You can use HTML formatting options in your quick tips, including placing key words or phrases inside bold tags (<b> </b>) or italics tags (<i> </i>).

    • Locate the field in the alphabetized list.
    • Click inside the field's Quick Tip field to enable it, and enter information or instructions to assist users in populating the field.
  6. Click Save.