The new Contract Profile user interface is now available for beta testing in sandbox accounts only by request. If you'd like to enable the new Contract Profile in your sandbox, contact your Customer Success Manager. This is a beta preview and does not yet contain all the features and functionalities of the current interface.

Conga Contracts now has an updated Contract Profile user interface for a more streamlined and enhanced user experience. Updates include the following:

Top Header

The top header now displays the most critical and frequently viewed information about your contract so that these details are always easily available as your navigate through your Contract Details. Fields available here are: Contract ID, Status, Contract Purpose, Effective Date, and Expire Date.


Click the  next to each of these elements to expand them for more information.

Company Information Panel

The new Company Information panel on the right panel displays a view of high level company information so that you don't need to navigate away to the Company Profile to access these details. This panel displays the Company Logo, Company Name, Company Number, Company Status, Company Category, and a link to View Company Profile.

Recent Documents

The new Recent Documents panel on the right panel displays recently updated or accessed documents so that you have a reference readily available to view. This panel displays a list of recent documents with the option to click on the name of a document to view it, download the document by clicking the downward arrow icon, view the date the document was last opened, and a link to View All Documents.

Left Panel

The new left panel contains navigation links or a related list so that you can quickly access information related to your contract, such a Documents. For example, navigation links in this panel displays the following: Contract Details, Responsibilities, Contract Family, Documents, Managed Clauses, Events, Messaging, Tasks, Document Packages, Payments, People, Addresses, Products, Scorecards, Projects, Additional Forms, History, and Additional Parties.

Contract Details

The new middle Contract Details panel was organized to streamline your contract information so that it's easier to navigate and locate what you need. The navigation links display your actionable options: Edit, Copy, Add Incorporated, Archive, and More (Wizard Tools, Creation Wizard, Workflows, Start Flow, One Click Report, Report, Browse Contracts). Your contract details are divided onto three sections:

  • Basic Information - this is where you'll find basic contracts details such as the name of your contracts, agreement type, contract type, group type, Contract Purpose, Contract Description, Value, and Company details.
  • Term and Renewals - this is where you'll find term and renewals related details such as Status, Renewal, Term Type, Notice Period, Effective Date, Expiration dates, and Notice Date.
  • Additional Fields - this is where you'll find your additional fields listed.

Flow Stages

Flow Steps are available as part of your header panel so that you view Flow Stages and follow up on approvals or actions. 

  • Current stages are colored blue and have an arrow icon to indicate further stages. 
  • Completed stages are colored green and have a checkmark icon.
  • Pending stages are colored gray and have a clock icon.