You can view a diagram of the flow that is being applied to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile. The diagram reveals future stages and steps, and also gives you an overview of all the stages in a flow. To further promote your understanding of the flow process that is being applied to the profile, it is recommended that you review the way in which the steps are linked together, as well as the alternate paths that can be followed for a step.

Open the Contract, Company, or Project Profile containing the flow whose diagram you want to review.

  1. Click the gear icon, located to the right of the flow in the Profile screen, and select Show Flow Diagram in the menu.
  2. In the Flow Diagram window, which can be resized and moved onscreen:
    • View the steps in the first stage of the flow, along with the links between steps and any alternate paths that can be followed.
    • If present, click on other tabs to display the diagrams for other stages in the flow.
  3. Click x to close the window.