You set up a Courier Schedule on the Courier Schedules tab.

To set up a Courier Schedule:

  1. Click the Courier Schedules tab.
  2. Click New to create a Courier Schedule record. You choose the report and recipients after the Schedule was saved.
  3. Complete the sections to set up your schedule.

For the first schedule, the configuration available to users of Professional, Enterprise, and Performance (Unlimited) Salesforce Editions is used.

Record Information Area

Schedule TitleProvide a meaningful title for the schedule.
DescriptionProvide a description for the schedule, if desired.
EnabledCheck the box to enable the schedule for processing
Next Run DateLeave this field blank. Courier will populate it after evaluating the Trigger criteria (see below).

Report Section

Select the report to deliver after the Schedule record was saved.

Export TypeChoose from Printable View, Excel or CSV
Report ParameterOptional Enter a value to pass into the Advanced Filters of the report.

Trigger Section

IntervalChoose Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Depending on your selection, some of the remaining fields will be disabled, as they do not always apply. Set the remainder according to your preferences. The time zone for the hour chosen depends on the time zone setting of the user whose credentials were entered on the Setup page. The Day to Run On field, available when the Interval is Monthly, contains choices for the 1st…, the 2nd …, the 3rd …, the 4th … and the last … These choices are used in conjunction with a Monthly Day of the Week, resulting in a schedule like the 1st Friday of the Month or the 3rd Tuesday of the Month.
Don’t Run On WeekendsOptional Check the box to prevent processing during weekends.
First Run TimeOptional With Interval set to More than once a day, you may specify the hour of the first execution for the day.
Last Run TimeOptional With Interval set to More than once a day, you can specify the hour of the last execution for the day.

Email Content Section

Email SubjectProvide appropriate content for the outbound email message.
Email BodyEnter the body of the email. You can use HTML or inline CSS to style the body. If this field is blank, Courier will provide a generic message.
Email Sender[Optional] You can select a user to override the From a value of the email (as defined on the Courier Setup page)
Email FormatNearly all computers and mobile devices are capable of displaying HTML. We recommend this default unless the recipients of this report are explicitly limited to text.
Attachment ExtensionChoose the .xls file extension if the intended recipients' computers are equipped with Microsoft Excel or Blackberry devices. Choose the .html extension for recipients that don’t have Excel or those with Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile.
Report DisplayYou can choose to display the report as an attachment or inline within the message. If your report has many columns, we generally recommend that you choose attachment.
Don’t Send if Report Has No DataWith this option selected, no report is delivered to your recipients if the report contains zero rows of data.

Advanced Section

Don’t change the Run As or Recipient Source fields unless you’re attempting an advanced setup (see Advanced Configuration for Enterprise and Performance (Unlimited) Editions).

Run AsDetermine the authority under which the report is executed. If set to Courier Setup Credentials, the report will run under the authority of the user specified on the Setup page. If set to User to Send As from Outbound Message, the report will be run under the authority of the user selected on the Salesforce Outbound Message.(See Advanced Setup for more details.)
Recipient SourceDetermine the source of the list of recipients for the report to be sent. If set to Schedule Record, the recipients are selected via the Select Recipients link and stored in the Recipients related-list from the Schedule Record. If set to User to Send as from Outbound Message, the recipient will be the person selected on the Salesforce Outbound Message.(See Advanced Setup for more details.)

Internal Use Fields Section

DO NOT modify any of these fields. All of these fields are maintained automatically by Conga Courier. They are visible here only to ensure compatibility with the Professional Edition.

  1. Click Save.

Now that you’ve saved the Schedule record, you can select a reporttest the schedule, and then add the production recipients.

Once your Conga Courier schedule is complete, it will be processed according to the schedule you defined. The report runs under the authority of the credentials you entered on the Setup page.

For details on how to run the report under the authority of others, see Advanced Configuration for Enterprise and Performance (Unlimited) Editions .