You can specify the report and recipients by using the links in the upper section of the Courier Schedule page.

Conga Courier can access only custom reports. Standard reports must be cloned and saved as custom reports.

To add a report to a Conga Courier schedule:

  1. Click Select Report.
  2. Select a report from the list. Click View Report to preview the selected report.

    Salesforce reports do not display the entire contents of Long Text Area fields, and therefore those columns will appear truncated in reports delivered with Courier.

  3. Click Save.

The Report fields populate with the report name and ID.

Report-Based Recipients

In cases where a standard report used by many users is configured to return only the items visible to each user, organizations with Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited editions may run the report under the authority of named Users, so that the reports reflect only the content they need or are authorized to see.

If your Organization has implemented the Private sharing model, where users can view only records they own it is important to know the use of this feature may incur additional usage charges for Conga Courier since each recipient will receive an individualized report. Please contact your Conga Business Analyst to enable report-based recipients options with Conga Courier.

Once your Conga Courier account has been enabled to use the report-based recipient feature you can create a normal Conga Courier schedule but you will notice a new tab in the menu called 'Select Report'.

Choose a Report that contains a list of recipients for this scheduled report. Courier will filter and pull the "Delivery Report" for each person on the "Recipient Report".

The report must be configured in the following format:

  • Column 1: The email address of the recipient ("")
  • Column 2: A parameter value to use to filter the delivery report (e.g. if Column 2 = User ID; filter the delivery report by User ID in pv0)
  • Column 3: [Optional] The Salesforce Id of a User to use as the sender of the message ("005123467890ABC")The Don’t Send if Report Has No Data option does not work with matrix type reports.

If you haven't already done so, test your solution and add recipients.