Conga Courier® must be configured as a Connected App when using Salesforce Lightning. See Configure Courier as a Connected App for more information.

After the installation completes, you can establish the active Page Layout for the Schedule object and define the authority where Conga Courier® runs.

Set the Active Page Layout

To set the active Page Layout for the Schedules object:

  1. Select Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Click Courier Schedule.
  3. Scroll to the Page Layouts section.
  4. Click Page Layout Assignment and then click Edit Assignment. 
  5. Click the first row under the Page Layout header, then shift-click on the last row to select all rows. 
  6. If you have Unlimited or Enterprise Edition, for the Page Layout to Use field, select Courier Schedule Layout (UE/EE only).


If you have Professional Edition, for the Page Layout to Use field, select Courier Schedule Layout (Professional Edition).

  1. Click Save.

Conga Courier Setup

To setup Conga Courier

  1. Select Conga Courier from the app menu, and then click the Courier Setup tab. 
  2. Follow the directions on the Setup page.

    1. Select the Courier Master Switch check box. This is required for Courier to run.
  3. Also, you MUST enter the IP Addresses of our data centers into the Network Access permissions for Courier to operate. If you have your own security software, you must whitelist these IP addresses in the security software itself. You enter these static IP addresses in Salesforce Setup: Setup → Security Controls → Network AccessYou must contact support to get the IP Addresses of our data centers.
  4. In the Credentials area:
    1. In the Username box, enter the username of a user authorized with read/write access to Courier schedules and write access to Tasks (for the Enterprise or Unlimited Salesforce editions) or System Administration access for Salesforce Professional Edition.
    2. In the Password box, enter the user's password.
    3. In the Security Token box, enter the user's security token, as provided by Salesforce. To request a Salesforce Security Token, navigate to My Settings → Personal → Reset My Security Token.

      Generally, the user must have access to the report folders, reports, and data you expect the emailed reports to include. Anything the user account cannot access will not be available for scheduled reporting.

  5. In the Email Footer area, type text that will be included at the end of each sent email. You may use HTML/CSS to control formatting as bullets
  6. Click Save.

You must enable Run Reports and Export Reports on the Profiles for the user(s) under whose authority reports are executed. Note that Administrators must also have API Enabled on their Profile.