I expected to receive a report, but it never arrived.

Many factors can affect whether a report can be delivered. Try checking the following items:

Courier Setup Page

  • Is Courier enabled?
  • Have valid credentials been entered?
  • Has your trial expired?

Courier Schedule

  • Is the schedule enabled?
  • Have you selected a report for your schedule?
  • Have you selected recipients?
  • Courier requires at least one recipient.
  • Perform a Test Run.
  • With only yourself as the recipient, click Test Run. Does this work?
  • Clear the Next Run Date field.
  • Clearing the value in this field will cause the Courier Server to re-evaluate the schedule.
  • Does the report still exist?
  • Click the View Report button to ensure the report still exists.
  • Check the Activity History of the schedule. It may offer clues as to what may have gone wrong.

Report-based Recipients

  • Report-based Recipients need to be enabled for you to use this feature. Please contact your Business Analyst if you need access.

How Do I Disable Courier from Running?

You can disable any individual schedule from being process by clearing the Enabled checkbox on a schedule. To disable Courier from scanning all schedules, clear the Master Switch checkbox on the Courier Setup tab.

How Do I Format the Email Footer or Email Body with HTML?

You may use plain text or HTML in the email footer and email body. If you choose to use HTML, you can include a simple cascading style sheet (CSS) directives that can accomplish most formatting requirements.

What Is the Maximum Report Size?

Courier has a maximum report size of 5 MB.

I Have a Schedule Set to Run Weekly on a Particular Day - How Can I Tell It to Run on Multiple Days per Week?

Create a schedule for each day.

What If a Report Contains No Records When the Schedule Is Run?

You may choose not to email reports that contain no records, though a charge is still incurred for the execution of the schedule and retrieval of the report.