1. Click the Group Config tab. Under Available Attribute Groups, you can see all attribute groups available in the org.
  2. In the Search Attribute box, enter keywords to search the attribute you want to associate with the attribute group.
  3. Hover the mouse on a the required attribute and click + next to the attribute name. The product is associated to the product group and is displayed under the associated attributes section.

    Hover the mouse on the required attribute and click the icon next to the attribute name to display the description of the attribute.

  4. To rearrange the attributes when you have added multiple attributes, drag and drop the attributes using the icon next to the attribute name.
  5. Turn the following settings on if required:

    Is Read OnlyIndicates that the value of the attribute is not editable. The user cannot edit the value.
    Is HiddenIndicates that the attribute is not displayed on the configuration page. However, the attribute is associated with the attribute group.
    Is PrimaryIndicates that the attribute is critical and the attribute will be displayed on the Installed Products page as a critical attribute.
  6. To delete an associated attribute from the attribute group:
    1. Under the associated attributes section, enter the name of the attribute that you want to search in the Search the list box and press Enter. Attributes that match the search are displayed.
    2. Hover the mouse on the attribute you want to disassociate and click the delete icon. The Delete Attribute pop-up is displayed.
    3. Click Confirm.
  7. Click Save.

    The Save button is enabled only when you make any change to the associated attributes.

  8. To discard changes:
    1. Click Discard Changes. The Alert pop-up is displayed.
    2. Click Don't Save.