This feature allows you to open your Product Configuration in read-only mode. In read-only mode you are only able to see the line items in the cart, you cannot edit any fields. All the action buttons are disabled in a read-only cart. To open the read-only cart, you can use a separate Configure Product button with read-only access on the Quote Details page that your admin must configure. When you open a cart in read-only mode, no new product configuration is created on the Quote Details page.

You can perform the following tasks in a read-only cart:

  • Search for products on the cart.
  • Open or create new Cart Views.
  • Use advanced filters.
  • Save Cart Views with the filters.
  • Close the cart

You can open a cart in read-only mode even when the pricing of the line item is pending. When you open such a cart, the priced line items are displayed and a progress bar is displayed with the status of the ongoing pricing process of the remaining line items. The action buttons remain disabled until you exit the read-only mode.