When you are selecting items from the Product Catalog, Refine Your Search enables you to narrow the list of products to those that match your search filter questions.

Search filters are associated with categories, so that the Refine Your Search questions may change when you select different product categories. The questions are also found on the product record, which is how the Product list gets refined. When you select an answer to a question and that answer matches the answer on the product record, that product is included in the filtered Product list.

You can select multiple values from the picklist for refining your search. The search is restrictive and helps narrow down the result to show only the relevant data. The Product field value should contain the filter value. The search filter provides all possible values.

Use Case:

For example, if you select Asia and Europe from Regions drop-down menu, then products available in both these regions are shortlisted.

For a product to be displayed it must match all of the selected Refine Your Search criteria.

To configure your system to use Refine Your Search you must complete the following:

Configuring the Custom FieldsTwo custom fields need to be created. The field for Search Attribute Values is used to provide the search question and answers, which will be associated with a category. The field for Products is used to have the same search question and answer values available on the product record.
Configuring Search Filter FieldsThis makes the custom field available from the Search Filter Fields list in the Hierarchy Manager . This must be completed so that the custom field can be associated with a specific category.
Configuring Refine Your Search OptionsThis task associates the custom field with a specific category and adds it to the Refine Your Search window in the Product Selection page.
Selecting Search Field Values for a ProductSo that using Refine Your Search provides useful and relevant filtering, you should select a value for each search field on a product record.

When you are selecting items from the Catalog page, Refine Your Search enables you to narrow the list of products to those that match your search filters. The system can dynamically display only those filter values that are based on the products associated with the selected category.