You can deep clone the existing quote using the Clone (with line items) button on the Quote detail page. Cloning a quote copy's all the information from the existing quote, including line items and proposal header information asynchronously. You can deep clone a quote when you need multiple draft options of the same quote or need to make changes (for example, extend the quote expiry date) to a finalized quote before sending it out to the customer.

You can clone the quote in the following product configuration statuses:

  • Pending Approval
  • Ready for Finalize
  • Approval Required
  • Saved
  • Finalized

Quotes with QTC Profile defined as Split are cloned regardless of approval status as Smart Cart does not support cart approval.

The new cloned quote retails the information based on the configuration status and QTC Profile defined. The following table lists the information copied upon cloning the quote:

QTC ProfileProduct Configuration StatusInformation Retained in the Cloned Quote
  • Regular
  • None
  • Proposal header details
  • Proposal Line Items
All statuses except Finalize
  • Proposal header details
  • Configuration Line Items
  • Enterprise
  • Split
All statuses
  • Proposal header details
  • Configuration Line Items

The following information is not retained from the parent quote:

  • Activity history
  • Notes and Attachments

Cloning is processed asynchronously, CPQ tracks the different states of the process using the Async Progress Tracker.

To clone an existing quote

  1. Navigate to your existing quote.
  2. Click the Clone (with line items) button.
  3. Fill in the required details in the cloned quote and click Save.

When you clone a quote with its line items, a new quote is generated with a unique quote number whose Status is Draft, and Configurations status is  Saved.

If an approval trigger is set on the existing quote, the approval status and trigger are not copied to the cloned quote. You must re-trigger approval on the cloned quote. You can use the custom setting Clone With Approval to alter the approval status of a cloned quote. For information, see Clone Quote with its existing configuration.