This API changes the approval status of a proposal to Presented and creates a task.

afterPresentwebService static Boolean afterPresent(Id proposalId)

Request Parameter

The ID of the proposal

Response Parameter
isSuccessBooleanIndicates whether the approval status was changed and task creation was successful

Code Sample

The sample code below enables you to change the approval status of a proposal to Presented and create a task for the given proposal.

 * The below code demonstrates the task creation after changing approval status to ‘Presented’
public Boolean afterPresent(String proposalName) 
	Boolean isSuccess;
	Id proposalSOID = [SELECT Id FROM Apttus_Proposal__Proposal__c WHERE Name = :proposalName LIMIT 1].Id;
	isSuccess = Apttus_Proposal.ProposalWebService.afterPresent(proposalSOID);
	return isSuccess;