Proposal Doc Gen provides the ability to select a template, select the output format, merge the Quote/Proposal document with additional documents and sequence them, email the collated file with attachments and preview the different versions of documents. As a Sales Rep, you can invoke the new wizard from the cart as well as from the Quote/Proposal header page.

This reduces the number of clicks and provides an integrated experience from the shopping cart as well as the Quote/Proposal header. All the functionality resides in a single-page application that is smooth and easy to use. Consider the following scenarios where this feature can be very useful:

Use case 1: After confirming the product selection and pricing, as a Sales Rep, you would like to instantly generate a Quote/Proposal from the Cart, merge some marketing material and product data sheets with my generated Quote/Proposal and send the document in an email to the customer.

User case 2: After receiving the email that my quote (that I had submitted earlier for approval) has been approved, you want to quickly generate the Quote/Proposal document, merge some marketing material and product data sheets with my generated proposal and send the document in an email to the customer.

For information on how to configure Document Generation, refer to Configuring Document Generation for Quote.

The process flow of the Doc Gen is described below:

Accessing the Doc Gen Wizard

You can access the Doc Gen Wizard from the Quote/Proposal header by clicking Send Proposal button, which is available with the proposal management package. The major two differences in accessing the Doc Gen Wizard from the cart are that you must choose a proposal template to generate a proposal document and you get quick access to action buttons, such as Go to Pricing, Add More Products, Installed Products, and Go to Proposal below the Quote/Proposal name

Generating a Quote/Proposal document

To generate a quote document, click New Proposal Document. A popup appears where you can choose or search a template for your Quote/Proposal document (filtered using Query Templates). You can choose the Output Format for your document. Only doc, docx and pdf formats are supported, depending on the format your admin has configured, using Proposal Document Output Format. Using Proposal Document Output Format, if you've chosen docx and pdf, the drop-down list shows both. If you do not define any format, the system takes pdf as the default output format.

You can click Generate button to generate a new Quote/Proposal document. Upon clicking Generate button, CPQ generates documents in sync mode and you remain on the popup till the document is generated. 

You can also select a default document that is automatically generated upon clicking the Send Proposal button. The default document is generated when Fast Doc Gen is enabled. The default document is generated using a default template that is defined in the org by the administrator.

The document is generated automatically only if the administrator has enabled Enable Fast Doc Gen Proposal System Property. For more information, see Configuring Document Generation for Quote. You cannot use Fast Doc Gen feature in a quote in Smart Cart flow.

The Quote/Proposal document generated using the Doc Gen Wizard follows the naming convention as: Quote/Proposal Name + Template Name + Date stamp. Such documents appear in the left pane of Proposal Doc Gen wizard and as attachments in the Notes & Attachments related list.

Renaming and deleting a proposal

You can use the buttons Rename and Delete to rename and delete the proposal respectively. Click the menu icon() to display the actions.

Previewing generated documents

Once generated, the system automatically previews the generated document on the right pane of the window. In case of mulitple documents, you can also preview such documents by clicking the name of the generated document. Note that Preview is available only for documents created in PDF format.

If you are using Files, the documents are not previewed automatically. You must click the thumbnails of the documents to preview.

Merging with additional documents

You can add additional documents and merge them with the generated document.

Add from Quote

You can attach additional documents to the Quote/Proposal by clicking Add from Quote. This button fetches all the documents (that are not generated using Proposal Doc Gen) from the Notes & Attachments related list of a Quote/Proposal. Select a document and click Add to Merge Docs to allow the system to consider this document for merge with the generated Quote/Proposal document. The merging happens only after you click Merge Documents on the right pane.
Use Browse to documents on your computer to attach any offline documents from your local storage. You can simply drag and drop an offline document to the Doc Gen wizard and the system considers it for merging with the Quote/Proposal document.


You can add document hyperlinks from external sources and merge them with the Proposal. Click Add URL to launch a pop-up that gives you the ability to enter valid document hyperlinks and its corresponding Title. You can add multiple URLs by clicking Add Another link at the bottom of the pop-up.

Ensure that you have added the endpoint for the document URL that you want to list on the Proposal Doc Gen from Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings.

As soon as you attach more than one document to your Quote/Proposal (apart from the generated Quote/Proposal), the right pane of the window grays out and enables a single button called Merge Documents. You can choose to merge all the generated and offline documents in the Documents to be Merged section and turn them into a single document.
After your documents are merged, the system displays the collated document in the Preview pane on the right. The merged document appears as a record under the Document Collate Infos related list on the Quote/Proposal.

During the proposal workflow, the system detects the acceptable file type (For instance, .docx, .doc, .pdf) and displays a distinct icon for the file format.

Also, when you try to merge a file with an unsupported format or the file size is more than 4 MB, the system alerts you with an error message.

Sending the generated document to the customer

After the sales rep has reviewed, merged and finalized the content in the final Quote/Proposal document, he can send the collated document to the customer for further actions. Buttons like Email and Download are available for the following purposes:

Action buttonUsage

Use this button to send the Quote/Proposal (or merged) document to your customer for review. The new dialog box allows you to enter information like, email addresses for To, CC, BCC fields, Subject, choose an Email Template and Email Folder and add any additional documents. The system by default populates the email information of the Primary Contact field in the To field.

You can only edit the email body of Email Templates of type Text. CPQ displays a warning when you select any other template.

The Mark Proposal as Presented ensures that the status of the Quote/Proposal is changed to Presented as soon as you send the Email.

DownloadUse this button if you want to download a local copy of the generated Quote/Proposal (or merged) document.