CPQ provides you the ability to create and configure an unlimited number of attributes, overcoming the 800 record limit of Salesforce. The Product Attribute Extension objects are a replica of the Product Attribute Value object. These objects are an extension to the Product Attribute Value object through a combination of master-detail and look-up relationships. The fields from the extension objects are displayed in the Product Console to be associated as attributes with the products. All attributes created under the extension object can be used as normal attributes for your products. You can use the extension objects in Attribute Value Matrices, Product Attribute Rules, inclusion criteria in Search Filter(CPQ), Constraint Rules, Numeric Expressions, Asset-Based Ordering, and Asset pricing. These attributes can be used when Sales Rep renews, change, and amends an asset.

The following extension objects that are available to you in addition to the regular Product Attribute Value object:

  • Product Attribute Value EXT
  • Product Attribute Value EXT 2
  • Product Attribute Value EXT 3

You must use the Product Attribute Value and Product Attribute Value Extension objects sequentially. Each product attribute value object has a limit of 800 records per object and you must use the next object only after the limit of the object is reached. For example, you must completely use the Product Attribute Value object before utilizing the Product Attribute Value Ext object. And you must only use Product Attribute Value EXT 2 after the Product Attribute Value Ext object is completely used.

Similar to the Product Attribute Value object, Agreement, Asset, Order, and Proposal Attribute Value objects also have respective extensions. CPQ uses the Agreement, Asset, Order, and Proposal Attribute Value object and the respective extension objects to store the values of the attributes associated with the agreement, asset, order, and proposal line items. Along with Product Attribute Value objects, you must create the same attribute fields in Agreement, Asset, Order, and Proposal Attribute Value objects as well, to retain the attribute values in agreements, assets, order, and proposal line items from configuration line items.

If you define attributes in attribute value extension objects, you must enable the Populate Attribute Extension custom setting. The setting allows CPQ to retain the attribute values from configuration line items to the agreement, asset, order, and proposal line items upon creation.

To enable Populate Attribute Extension

You must enable Populate Attribute Extension checkbox to indicate that the attribute value extension objects contain attribute fields.

  1. Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Config System Properties > Manage.
  2. Find System Properties and click Edit.
  3. Enable Populate Attribute Extensions.
  4. Click Save.
  • This enhancement is available in the CPQ Admin UI only.
  • The attributes added in the Product Attribute Value Extension object are not available for Price Dimensions (Pricing engine). Only the first 800 attributes will be visible for the pricing.

You can also create custom Product Attribute Extension objects. Follow the steps below.