You can use the Large Document Generation feature to generate documents for quotes with a large number of line items. The document generation for a large quote is processed asynchronously in small chunks based on the threshold and batch size and the resultant document is attached to Notes and Attachments. This feature is available in the Generate button and not available in the DocGen, Send Proposal button.

You must define the following settings to allow the Sales rep to generate a document for a quote with a large number of line items. You need to define a threshold and a batch size for the number of line items in the quote. When the number of line items in the quote exceeds the threshold, the quote is considered a large quote. The line items in the large quote are processed in the smaller chunks based on the batch size you defined.

You must take into consideration the template that the Sales rep uses to generate the document before defining the batch size. For example, if the template includes information about only line item fields is considered a simple template and can have large batch size. Similarly, a template that has too many line item fields, attribute information, adjustment line details would be considered a complex template and should have a small batch size.

To define the threshold and batch size.

  1. Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Proposal System Properties > Manage.
  2. Find System Properties and click Edit.
  3. Define the fields mentioned in the table

    Enable FileSelect the checkbox to enable files in the quote
    Enable Submit Merge CallSelect the checkbox to enable the Submit button on that
    Large Doc Threshold

    Enter a number in the field.

    The default and the maximum value of the Large Doc Threshold is 10000. You can define a value lower than 10000. Setting a value of -1 for the Large Doc Threshold invalidates the setting.

    Large Doc Process Batch Size

    Enter a number in the field.

    The default and the maximum value of the Large Doc Process Batch Size is 2000. You can define a value lower than 2000, based on template complexity.

  4. Click Save.