Option Filter Callback provides you a mechanism to control the visibility of the option products on the Catalog page based on custom logic that you define. The callback is executed when you click Configure Product. When you click Configure Products from a Quote/Proposal or Add More Products from the Cart, CPQ excludes the option products from the catalog.

Default options and options included based on constraint rules are also hidden when the Option Filter Callback is used to hide options.

To use the Option Filter Callback you must create a custom Apex class that implements the Apttus_Config2.CustomClass.IOptionFilterCallback interface and register the custom apex class with Option Filter Callback Class. You must write your custom logic in the custom apex class.

The following methods are available in the Apttus_Config2.CustomClass.IOptionFilterCallback interface:

getExcludedOptionIds()List getExcludedOptionIds(Apttus_Config2.CustomClass.ActionParams)You can use this method to define custom logic to hide options on the Catalog page.


This is just a sample callback custom class to control the exclusion of option products on the catalog page. The following custom code only removes a few option products. You may change the custom class to list out the ID of option products to fit your business requirements.

global with sharing class SampleOptionFilterCallback implements Apttus_Config2.CustomClass.IOptionFilterCallback {
     * Callback to return option IDs which are to be excluded from the bundle
     * This filter is used when we configure a bundle.
     * @param params is the CustomClass.ActionParams that contains bundleId and productIds
     * @return List of option product IDs which will be excluded
    global List<ID> getExcludedOptionIds(Apttus_Config2.CustomClass.ActionParams params) {
        //return new List<ID>{ <18 CHARACTER PRODUCT ID> };
        //Example for returning THREE products to be excluded:
            return new List<ID>{ '01t3C000000DVwh', '01t3C000000DVwm','01t3C000000DVww'};
        //Example for returning ONE product to be excluded:
        //  return new List<ID>{ 01t50000004nmL1YYX'};