Post-installation settings are part of your specific business requirements which means your CPQ implementation will work with out-of-the-box installation, but you can customize the application per your specific implementation using custom settings.

Basic Post-Installation Configuration

These settings are mandatory settings in order for CPQ  app to run

Configuring Proposal System:

  1. Go to  Setup > Custom Setting > Proposal System Properties > Manage> New
  2. Refer to the following image and enter the values in the System property fields. (The values may vary according to your CPQ instance.)
  3. Click Save.

Configuring System Properties:

  1. Go to All tabs> Config Setting > System Properties
  2. Enter values in the fields.
  3. Click Save.

Configuring Flow:

  1. Go to All tabs> Config Setting > Flow Settings
  2. Enter the values in the fields. Refer to the image below for an example.
  3. Click Save.

Configuring Custom Settings:

  1. Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Setting > Config Select Products Settings > Manage.
  2. Find Primary Settings, Click Edit.
  3. Enter a value in Carousel Default Icon ID (If you don’t have any: create any notes & attachment, and get ID of that and enter here)
  4. Click Save.

Advance Post-Installation Configuration