You can navigate to the Installed Products from the Catalog page, Cart page, or through the Account page with the help of different formula buttons. You can control the assets (bundles, options and attributes) displayed on the Installed Products page. You can also see critical attribute values at both, the bundle and sub-bundle level when expanding a Bundle product on this page. 

Attributes for which you select the Is Primary check box on the Attribute Configuration page are called Critical Attributes.

Filtering the assets on the Installed Products page

  • Search Filters: You must create Search Filters for the Installed Products page to enable the Sales or Customer Service Reps in your organization to search for specific purchased products that customers ask to be changed, swapped, or terminated.
  • Callback class: You must use the code in the sample AssetLineItemCallback class to further filter the assets on the Installed Products page. Refer to Asset Line Item Callback Class in CPQ on Salesforce Administrator Guide

To customize the Filter Fields on the Installed Products page

  1. Click All Tabs () > Config Settings > Installed Products Settings.
  2. In the Filter Fields, specify the API names of the Asset Line Item fields that you want to use as filter fields.
    Currently, the fields of type Text, Picklist, Multi-picklist, Date, Datetime and Boolean are supported.
  3. Click Save.

These fields will show up as filter fields on the Installed Products page. These fields work as temporary filters and you can change the values in these filters dynamically on the Installed Products page.