You can define a hierarchy so that Promotions beyond a certain dollar amount or percentage require a manager's approval. CPQ allows you to selectively turn on or off approvals at a flow level. You must set the isCartApprovalDisabled parameter to True in the URL that you have configured on the Configure Products field of the respective quote. For more information, see Creating Custom Buttons for Different Flows.

To create an Approval workflow for Promotions,

  1. From the app menu, select Apttus Approvals Management.
  2. Click Approval Processes.
  3. For the Manage Approval Process for field, select Incentive.

  4. Click Create new Process.
  5. Enter values for the fields described in the following table.

    Process NameEnter a unique name to identify this specific Approval Process.
    DescriptionDescribe this process for others in your organization.
    Entry Criteria
    FieldSelect the field that you want to apply the approval trigger for.

    Select the appropriate option.

    ValueEnter the value that must trigger the request for approval.
  6. Click Next.
  7. According to your Business requirements, select any one or more of the following check boxes.
    • Consolidate Approvals
    • Consolidate Notifications
    • Continue Pending approvals on a Reject
  8. Assign an Email Template.
  9. Assign an Approvals page.
  10. Assign a Back-up Admin user.
  11. Click Save.

For more information Approval Workflows, see Approval Functional End User Workflow.