This is the final step before taking the finalized set of products and prices back to the Quote/Proposal.

You can review the cart and its pricing and if you are satisfied with the configuration and pricing, you can finalize the cart.

To finalize the cart

You must click the Reprice button to accept any pending changes in pricing. You must also resolve any validation errors that may appear due to validation rules.

  1. On the Cart page, click Review and Finalize.

    The Review and Finalize button on the Cart page keeps you on the same page without finalizing the configuration. This feature has been deprecated.

  2. To confirm the product configuration and pricing, and return to the Quote/Proposal detail page, click Finalize.

The Quote/Proposal page appears with all the product configuration and pricing information.

If your product contains Usage Tiers and Attributes, there might be a delay for the system to create these records while you land on the Quote/Proposal page. You must wait for the system to finalize the configurations before going for document generation or asset creation.

After the quote is finalized, the quote/proposal page appears. If any workflow processes have been setup to trigger approvals based on criteria, they will typically occur at this point, and the Approval Stage inside the Quote/Proposal record will be set to Approval Required. As soon as the Approval Stage changes, the Submit for Approval button becomes available and you can submit the Quote for approval to management if any approval processes have been configured. Once approved, the Quote/Proposal is generated and presented.