Product Configuration is created after you click the Configure Products button on the Quote Details page. Product Configuration stores the details about the product you configure on the cart, including the options, attributes, and pricing configuration. After the products are configured they are added to Product Configuration the Configurations section on the Quote Details page. The status of the Product Configuration reflects the state of the configuration on the cart.

The following table describes the status of the Product Configuration based on the status of the cart.

Product Configuration StatusDescription
Ready For ApprovalsAfter you have finished the configuration and the configuration requires approval.
Ready For FinalizationAfter the configuration is approved and the cart can be finalized.
FinalizedWhen you finalize the cart.

When you reconfigure a finalized cart then the status of previously finalized configuration changes to Superseded

SavedWhen you save the cart.
Pending ApprovalWhen you submit the configuration for approval.

CPQ clones the Product Configuration when you reconfigure a finalized cart and creates a new version of the Product Configuration. When you reconfigure a finalized cart, the status of previous Product Configuration is set to Superseded. The status of the cloned Product Configuration then reflects the current status of the cart. The Product Configuration is deleted when you abandon the cart.

Disabling Cart Versioning

When you disable cart versioning, only one product configuration is created on the Quote Details page. Disabling Cart versioning disables the creation of Superseded configuration, if you reconfigure a cart after finalizing it, the existing product configuration is updated. If cart versioning is disabled, then on abandoning the cart the configuration is deleted and all changes done so far on the cart are lost. The prompt message on the click of Abandon informs you about the same if Cart Versioning is disabled to disable cart versioning, select the Disable Cart Versioning checkbox on the Quote Details page.

It is not recommended to change the setting on an inflight quote.