You can configure a service product from the catalog after you set the product type as a Service or an Equipment. When you go to the Service Catalog page, you can see all the service products that are associated with your assets or equipments for a new service. For a service product you have to follow the same procedures that are given in the topic, Configuring a Product from the Catalog.

  • Displaying the eligible services on catalog: The Service Catalog page displays the eligible service products that you can associate with the assets.
  • Displaying the assets on catalog: On the Service Catalog page, click the Selected Assets link to view the assets and their corresponding details.
    Selected options of an Equipment bundle from the Assets page appear on the Selected Assets pop-up both in Catalog and Configuration page.
  • Displaying the custom fields for assets: On the Service Catalog page when you open the Selected Assets pop up, it displays the custom fields that you configured for your asset.
    You can populate the desired fields of asset line items in the Selected Assets pop-up.
  • Supporting the entitlements non-exclusive to all assets: You can select a service offering (entitlement) on the service catalog and configure it for one or more purchased products (assets). For example, you can select 24x7 support for the Order Management product.
  • Applying the eligible entitlements to assets: You can see and configure the service offerings (entitlements) that are applicable to your assets. The Apttus CPQ disables the non-eligible entitlements for selection on the service catalog. If you select an entitlement that is not applicable to any purchases products, Apttus CPQ displays an error message.
  • Supporting the catalog actions on the service catalog: An Apttus CPQ supports the catalog actions on the service catalog as well. For example, searching for services, display charge types beside services, configure a service bundle, add service to the cart, and so on.
  • Displaying three columns for the attributes: On the configuration page you can see three columns for the product attributes. This behavior is governed by the Three Column Attribute Display checkbox from the Product Attribute Group page.
  • On options, Apttus CPQ displays an icon next to options with Related Assets on the configuration page. This helps you to see which assets are related to the options of a bundle by invoking the pop-up on the right side.
  • On the cart page, you can clone the configured service lines. Select one or more service lines and click copy icon (). Only the service line and its configuration are cloned so that you can to associate different assets with the service line. Click  Add/Remove button on the Related Line Items pop-up, to relate assests with the service line.

Use Case: Configuring a service product

Description : This use case describes how to configure a service product that improves the user experience of the customer post purchase.

Suppose ABC is the OEM manufacturer of the selected asset, Bundled ABC Software and Hardware. Apttus CPQ provides the following Service Offerings or Entitlements:

  • 24x7 Same Day Onsite Response
  • 24x7 Support for Sev 1
  • Proactive Support Services
  • Remote Account Manager
  • XYZ Specialist Service = This product option is not available (greyed out) to sales rep because this is not eligible for the selected asset.

In the following example, the sales rep configures the product.

Prerequisite: Make sure that system administrator has configured the product type and the eligibility rules. For more information, see Managing Services.

To configure a service product

  1. You can select a product by doing any of the following:
    • From the Browse Catalog list, select a category hierarchy you want to view.
    • From the Browse section, navigate to the category hierarchy for Bundled ABC Software and Hardware.
    • In the Search bar, type a category or product name and click Search.
  2. From the Service Catalog section, to configure options for a product, click Configure next to it. The selected product is displayed in the Selected Products section on the right and the options page is displayed.
  3. Select the options for your bundle, and do any of the following:
    • Click Add More Products, to add additional products.
    • Click Remove Item, to remove a product.
    • Click Go to Pricing to price the product.
    • Click Save to save your selected product for that quote.
    • Select Optional to consider a particular line item as an optional one. 
    The values in the Quantity field for options can be driven by the numeric expression builder configured for the selected option.
    The Save button is used in case you want to save your configuration before proceeding to the attributes and cart page. For example, if you change the Quantity of the options associated with your bundle product, you might want to save the configuration before moving to the cart page.

Result: Bundled ABC Software and Hardware is configured and ready to be added to the cart.

Next Step: On the cart page, a sales rep can verify the following details and then finalize the cart.

  • Weightage of the each service product
  • Pricing and quantity
  • Association between the service product and the selected asset
  • Related asset line items and service line items