The Apply Promotion window is displayed on the cart when the Sales Rep clicks Apply Promotions on the line items or the cart. You can configure the fields displayed on the window in the Config Settings.

To configure the Apply Promotion Window

  1. Go to All Tabs > Config Settings > Display Column Settings.
  2. From the Display Type drop-down, select Apply Promotions.
  3. Select th flow you want to configure in Flow.
  4. You can edit the existing fields or add new fields to the window. To add a new fields click add icon().
  5. The following fields are available to you:

    Incentive CodeDisplays the code of the incentive on the window
    Incentive NameDisplays the name of the incentive on the  window


    Displays the sequence of the incentive.
    Expiration DateDisplays the date of the expiration of the incentive.
    DescriptionDisplays the description of the incentive that you added while creating the incentive.
    Combine with Other PromotionsIndicates whether the promotion can be combined with other promotions.

    The fields Incentive CodeIncentive NameSequence, and Expiration Date are displayed by default.

  6.  Click Save.