The new and improved Conga Composer Setup Menu features an enhanced user interface that allows users to easily configure Conga Composer in minutes.

You must have Conga Composer version 8.183 or higher to use the new Conga Composer Setup Menu. Any Salesforce orgs with Composer versions preceding version 8.183 must upgrade to use the new Conga Composer Setup Menu.

Composer Configuration

The Salesforce Org ID is conveniently displayed at the top of the page to assist with Conga Support interactions.

Conga Composer Setup also features the ability to easily enable Composer Advanced Features: Notification Emails and the Conga File Repository.

Administrators can check the Local Templates checkbox field to allow users to upload and merge templates from their machines, in addition to using the available templates in the Composer user interface. Administrators also have the option to customize the Conga Template Manager to provide additional or past functionality.

Integration Partners

The Integration Partners sections allows administrators to connect and integrate third-party applications with Composer. The following integrations are available in Conga Composer Setup:

  • Email
    • SendGrid
  • eSignature
    • Conga Sign
    • Adobe Sign
    • Sertifi
    • OneSpan Sign
    • DocuSign
  • Document Storage
    • Google Drive
    • Amazon S3
    • Box
    • OneDrive

Solution Migration

Use the Solution Migration Utility tool to seamlessly migrate solutions between orgs. This tool eliminates the hassle of re-building solutions when migrating from sandbox environments to production environments.

Usage Dashboard

The Usage Dashboard allows administrators to create Composer usage reports on the fly. These reports provide critical insight on each Composer user's activity and application usage.


The features included in the Enterprise section require Composer Enterprise edition. API and External Data Sources configuration is not supported by the Conga Support team.

Administrators can also set up the Composer API and External Data Sources.

The Composer API allows developers to call our services programmatically. Capabilities include login, upload template merge request, merge status, and merge result download.

External Data allows customers to import data from sources outside of Salesforce into their Conga Composer solutions. Data from multiple instances of Salesforce can also be combined.