Each of these parameters affects the field specified on an Adobe eSign Agreement record.

Adobe Sign delivers documents through email, much like Salesforce itself, but adds the ability to acquire, track, and file signatures.

Adobe Sign allows you to use PDF forms to collect data from your signers, position signature fields in your documents, collect two-party information from both sender and signer and more. You can add Adobe Sign-specific form fields to PDF merge templates to enable those features.

Adobe Sign is available separately on the AppExchange. You must install the Adobe Sign package to use these integration parameters.

After installing Adobe Sign from the AppExchange, you must modify the Adobe Sign application by disabling the default value of the Signature Order field. For more information on disabling the Signature Order field, see Modify the Adobe eSign Application to Disable the Signature Order Field.

For more information about parameters in general and how to use them, see Adding Parameters to a SolutionA Few Rules About Parameters, and How Parameters are Formatted.

Each of the following parameters affects the field specified on an Adobe Sign Agreement record. This integration requires Adobe Sign for Salesforce, version 6.0 or higher.


ESAccountId specifies the Adobe eSign Agreement account ID.

ESAdditionalTo sets the value of the Additional Recipients field.

ESAgreementName specifies the Adobe Sign agreement name.

ESAgreementTemplateId specifies the Adobe Sign Agreement Template to use.

ESContactId specifies the value of the Contact field.

ESContactId1 specifies the value of the Contact field.

ESContactId2 specifies the value of the Contact field.

ESContactId3 specifies the value of the Contact field.

ESContractId Adobe Sign Integration Parameters specifies the value of the Adobe Sign Contract.

ESCopyTo specifies the Copy To email address.

ESCustomField specifies the name of the custom field on the Adobe Sign agreement record.

ESCustomFieldValue specifies the value of the custom field.

ESDataMappingId specifies the Adobe Sign Data Mapping record.

ESExpireInDays specifies the number of days before the email expires.

ESLanguage To set the Language field.

ESLeadId To set the value of the Lead field.

ESLeadId1 To set the value of the Lead field.

ESLeadId2 To set the value of the Lead field.

ESLeadId3 To set the value of the Lead field.

ESMessage To set the value of the Message field.

ESOpportunityId specifies the value of the Opportunity ID field.

ESPreview To activate the Adobe Sign preview field.

ESRecipient1 specifies Adobe Sign recipients.

ESRecipient1Role specifies roles for Adobe Sign recipients.

ESRemindRecipient To remind an Adobe Sign recipient to sign.

ESRequirePWSign To require an Adobe Sign recipient to enter a password to sign.

ESRequirePWView To require a password to view the email.

ESRequireSelfSign specifies that the sender must also sign.

ESSignatureOrder specifies the order in which recipients sign.

ESSignatureType specifies the signature type.

ESSignatureGroup specifies the signature group.

ESSVBA sends an Adobe Sign agreement as a background action.

ESVisible enables you to use Adobe Sign functionality.