Simplify mass mailings by generating hundreds of printable letters, labels, and envelopes all at once. Log activities, update fields, and create follow-up tasks for every record in a mail merge. Automate the process to a single click with Conga QuickMerge.

Conga Mail Merge is a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process of creating batches of documents and logging the associated activity in Salesforce. You access Conga Mail Merge by clicking the Conga Mail Merge tab.

With Conga Mail Merge, you can retrieve data from Salesforce by entering search criteria, using specially configured Salesforce reports, or by employing Conga Queries. After the data retrieval, Conga Mail Merge then merges the data into a Word template to produce tens, hundreds or thousands of documents. (Conga Mail Merge supports only Word templates.)

You can launch Conga Mail Merge directly from a Campaign. For information, see Launching Conga Mail Merge from a Custom Button, Link or Tab.

You can streamline (or even bypass) the Conga Mail Merge wizard with Conga Quickmerge.