Conga Composer® Feature Comparison.

FeatureRelease 8Release 7
User InterfaceRefined UI provides a more intuitive user experienceOriginal UI – orange and gray color scheme
Solution PacksPre-built solutions that can be deployed in minutes.Unsupported
Solution ManagerAn intuitive way to build solutions from one screen, including:
  • Add reports and queries
  • Add document and email templates
  • Add parameters and view parameter definitions
  • Launch Template Builder
  • Select a sample record and test the solution before adding it to a page layout
  • Create Global Merge solutions that are not tied to a single master object
Template BuilderEnhanced template builder makes creating and maintaining templates quicker and easier
  • Automatically format fields according to template type selected
  • Ability to drag and drop fields into a template
  • Create a file template directly from the Template Builder
Copies field name
Microsoft Office Versions SupportedOffice 2016®/ Office 365® and earlierMicrosoft Office 2010 and previous*
Word® Template Merge FieldsText-Based and TraditionalTraditional
HTML Email EditorAdvanced HTML email editor provides more formatting controlOriginal
Number of Rows Allowed per Salesforce® Report or SOQL Query5,0001,500
Google Drive® IntegrationSupportedUnsupported
Updates and New Features Released RegularlyYes – updated continuouslyNo – maintained as-is
Initial template creation must be done in Microsoft Office 2010 or previous; however, template editing is supported in Microsoft Office 2013 and previous.