Conga Composer makes it easy to create and deliver sophisticated documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce by automatically populating richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object.

Solution Manager is included automatically in Conga Composer release 8.7 and above. Solution Manager is an intuitive interface that makes building solutions much easier. Release 8.7 also introduced Solution Packs, ready-made solutions that enable admins to produce and release a solution in minutes. For more information, see Creating and Managing Solutions using Solution Manager and Build a Solution for Me: Solution Packs.
  • Most Composer solutions use a custom button or link on a Salesforce object. This button or link will retrieve all of the standard and custom fields on that object and make them available to merge into your document.
    • The object where you place your button or link is called the Master Object.
    • Start building the button or link in Salesforce Setup on a Master Object’s Buttons, Links, and Actions menu.
  • Pick and choose which fields you need and how you want them formatted so your document is fully customized to your requirements.
    • Conga’s Template Builder provides an easy drag and drop or copy/paste mechanism to add Salesforce fields to your document or email template.
    • The Template Builder is located in the Tools & Settings menu of the Conga Composer user interface.
  • Build the Composer custom button or link to launch the Composer user interface.
  • Use Salesforce reports or SOQL queries to add more data to your solution - fields from objects related to the object where your button or link is placed.
    • Build a Salesforce report in Salesforce’s report builder and filter the report by the Master Object ID so it will retrieve the related data (e.g. child object records) specific to the Master Object record from which you launch Composer.
    • Add the report to your Composer solution by pasting the Report ID into the Composer button or link URL.
    • SOQL queries can be used in addition to reports to retrieve related data.
  • Add parameters to customize the behavior of your solution so you can automatically log activities in Salesforce, save a copy of your merged output file, integrate with Conga’s technology partners, along with dozens of other actions.
  • Automate your Composer solution with our add-on products, Conga Batch® for batch processing and Conga Trigger® for Salesforce Conga Trigger-initiated solutions.


Conga Composer offers document generation capabilities to create virtually any important document, report or presentation using Salesforce data. Placing a custom button or link on any object’s page layout gives you immediate access to all its fields. Salesforce reports or SOQL queries can retrieve any additional required data from as many as 50 other objects or lists.

Armed with the data you need, Composer gives you the ability to build richly-formatted templates that are completely customized to your business. Composer provides easy access to available data, fields are mapped directly to your template, and then the built-in template manager stores them in Salesforce for user selection on pre-defined routines. Enjoy the flexibility of personalized templates while producing consistent output results every time.


Conga Composer offers a variety of options for downloading, storing, and delivering your output files:

  • Immediately downloaded
  • Saved directly in Salesforce, Google Drive®, or SpringCM®
  • Automatically emailed
  • Sent for eSignature

Users can create documents, presentations and reports from their web browser, mobile device, or both. Flexible activity logging allows you to create completed tasks, instantly update fields, assign follow-up tasks to specific users and save copies of your output in Salesforce.

Whether you’re automatically emailing invoices to customers, posting quarterly reports to Chatter or sending a contract for eSignature, Conga Composer makes file delivery part of a seamless overall process. Simplify document creation and delivery with Composer to eliminate errors, increase productivity and user adoption.


Composer doesn’t just produce and deliver documents – it automates entire business processes. Use parameters to control the behavior of your Composer button and streamline the user experience. You have a wide variety of options – preselect up to 10 templates to generate one or more output files, use parameters to restrict options in the user interface or enable background mode to bypass it entirely.

With the ability to predefine everything from templates and email recipients to activity logging and output file storage, Conga Composer transforms complex routines into single button clicks. Tackle unlimited use cases with a single application, increasing user adoption across your entire organization. Generate thousands of documents per day without increasing staff resources.

Composer also offers powerful add-ons for running solutions in batches, scheduling the creation and delivery of files, or triggering a merge with Salesforce workflow.