The following steps provide an overview of how to install Conga QuickMerge and the general steps involved in deploying the application.

To install Conga QuickMerge into a Salesforce instance:

  1. Click the appropriate link to install Conga QuickMerge in your Salesforce environment: Conga QuickMerge is an add-on for Release 7 of Conga Composer and Conga Mail Merge. With Release 8.8 and higher of Conga Composer, this functionality is automatically included in the Conga Composer package in the Conga Global Merges object. If you want to install an earlier version of Conga QuickMerge, please contact a Conga Business Analyst.

    Follow the on-screen prompts to install Conga QuickMerge. (You must provide system administrator credentials to install an application from the AppExchange.) Be sure to Deploy the object at the end of the installation.
  2. Set the default access to the object. Remind me of the path.
  3. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Security Controls > Sharing Settings.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Set the Conga Query object to Public Read Only.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Set the page layouts for each record type. Remind me of the path.
  8. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > QuickMerge Links.
  9. Scroll to the Record Types list and click Page Layout Assignment.
  10. Click Edit Assignment.
  11. In the PointMerge Record Types column, select all layout entries for the profiles. To select all, click the first cell, scroll to the last cell, and shift-click the last cell.
  12. In the Page Layout to Use box, select PointMerge Layout.
  13. Click Save.

The installation is complete. You’re now ready to build a QuickMerge record.