The Conga Suite makes it easy to generate documents of all kinds, by merging templates with your Salesforce data. Conga QuickMerge automates both Conga Mail Merge and Conga Composer operations. By documenting your preferences in a QuickMerge button, you can launch your merge operations with a single mouse click.

To create a QuickMerge Link record:

  1. Select the QuickMerge Links tab.
  2. Select PointMerge as the record type.
  3. Click Continue to go to the next page.
  4. Document your Conga Composer preferences.
  5. Add the title of the QuickMerge action.
    • Link Type – You can perform PointMerge (Conga Composer) or MassMerge (Conga Mail Merge) operations. Select PointMerge.
    • The Salesforce ID of the report(s) you are using as a data source. This is the last 15 characters of the URL for that Report.
    • The Salesforce ID of the template you are using. This is the last 15 characters of the URL for that template.
  6. Launch the QuickMerge link by using one of these methods:
    • Click the Launch button on the object's detail page.

    • Click the Launch button on the QuickMerge Links home page.

    When you run QuickMerge, it takes you directly to the Conga Composer dialog box to generate your documents. The parameters that you entered in the QuickMerge link are applied to your solution.