The article includes the Release Notes for Conga Composer 8.20.206

Issues Resolved

  • Extra spaces are no longer merged in Word merge fields that utilize the HTML function to merge data from a rich text field. Previously, rich text fields that contained indentations created extraneous spaces in the merged document when using the HTML function.
  • Composer successfully merges indentations added to a rich text field with the Lightning Rich Text editor in Salesforce Lightning. A previous issue prevented Composer from merging indentations added to a rich text field with the Lightning Rich Text editor.
  • Duplicate emails activities are no longer logged on a Case record when using the &EmailAdditionalTo parameter to merge and send a Conga Email Template from the Case object. Multiple activities were previously logged on the Case object when using the &EmailAdditionalTo parameter to designate an email address to send an email on the Case object.
  • The Composer Lightning Component functions successfully for users with their Salesforce locale set to French or German. A previous issue prevented the Composer Lightning Component from completing a merge operation when the user locale was set to French of German.
  • Users can now successfully migrate solutions with the Solution Migration Utility Tool. The Solution Migration Utility Tool in Conga Composer Setup no longer displays an error message when users attempt to migrate a solution. Users previously saw the following error message when attempting to migrate a solution: Error installing migration to the org: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.