The article includes the Release Notes for Conga Composer 8.20.247.

New Features and Enhancements

Issues Resolved

  • The SUM(ABOVE) Word function calculates the correct amount and currency when using an EU culture code for the Culture parameter, or if a user locale is set to a value in the EU, in a Composer solution that merges multiple templates with the AWD parameter. Previously, the SUM(ABOVE) output did not calculate the correct output in the use case described above.
  • Images merged with a URL from a Salesforce file display successfully in output documents generated by a Batch list view solution in Salesforce Lightning. Previously, images merged from a Salesforce file's URL did not display in the output document.
  • Batch solutions integrated with Conga Grid and Conga Sign to generate multiple documents and send them with Conga Sign execute as expected. Previously, an error message occurred when attempting to generate and send multiple documents with Batch and Conga Sign from Conga Grid.
  • Users can successfully enable and disable the Enable Notification Emails setting in Conga Composer Setup. Previously, an issue prevented users from enabling or disabling the setting.