These Release Notes contain the following information about Conga Composer Summer '21 Release.

For more information on new features, enhancements, and document improvements refer to What's New in Composer Documentation.

  • Packages: Lists packages that are required to upgrade to this release of the product

  • System Requirements and Supported Platforms: Lists requirements and recommendations for installing this release
  • New Features: Provides high-level descriptions of new features introduced in this release, with links to more detailed information

  • Enhancements: Provides high-level descriptions of enhancements to existing features
  • Resolved Issues: Lists customer-reported issues that are resolved in this release or known issues resolved from previous releases
  • Known Issues: Lists known issues that are applicable in this release

This documentation may contain descriptions of software features that are optional and for which you may not have purchased a license. As a result, your specific software solution and/or implementation may differ from those described in this document. Please contact your CSM or AE for information on your specific features and licensing.


The following packages and dependent packages are required to upgrade to this release to utilize all the new features of this release. These are the minimum required versions; later versions are also supported. Separate prerequisites for each feature can be found in the respective documentation. Packages marked as (New) are new in this release.


Latest Certified Version

(Version Number | Version Name)

Conga Composer (New)

8.200 - Wilson Peak 

Upgrade Notes

To upgrade Conga Composer, see Upgrading to the Latest Version of Composer.

System Requirements and Supported Platforms 

The following table lists the minimum requirements for installing and using Conga Composer.

System RequirementMinimum Supported Version
Salesforce Edition
  • Performance / Unlimited
  • Enterprise
  • Professional (limitations may exist)
  • Developer
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • / App Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Quote-to-Cash
Template Software
  • Microsoft Office® 2016 (Mac or PC)
  • Adobe Acrobat® XI, Acrobat Reader
Adobe LiveCycle PDFs are not supported.
MobileCompatible with Salesforce Mobile and all mobile browsers when configured following the documentation.

New Features

There are no new features in this release. Keep checking the Documentation Portal for new updates.


The following section describes the existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Enhancement to the Composer Lightning UI

The Composer Lightning User Interface supports a mix of Qvars, Custom field references, and Ids/Keys for templateId and other supported parameters.

Integration of Composer with DocuSign App Launcher Package

Conga Composer now integrates with the new DocuSign App Launcher Package. For more information, see Integrating Composer with DocuSign App Launcher Package.

New Parameter Functionality for the Composer Lightning Component

The DS1 and EC parameters are now supported with the Composer Lightning Component. For more information, see Supported Parameters for the Composer Lightning Component.

Resolved Issues 

The following table lists the issues resolved in this release.

Conga Internal IDDescription
CM-2775Conga Composer Lightning Component Solution now displays attachments when there is a Qvar for attachmentId and Qvar contains a query with dynamic filters.
CM-3316The user with the Composer Community User permission set can now access the page with a Lightning Component without encountering a permission set-related error.
CM-3092When you use TemplateId in a Conga Composer lightning solution that contains a formula field and the formula results in multiple templates, the templates in the merge UI and in the merged document are now ordered as mentioned in the formula field result.

When the DocuSignRoutingOrder parameter is set to 2, the user can now select or deselect any template from the list. Previously, the template section in the Lightning Component UI was disabled, and the user couldn't select or deselect any templates.

The following table lists the known issues resolved from the previous release.

Conga Internal IDDescription

Conga Composer Solutions with the AC0 (Activity Logging) parameter launched from the Composer Lightning Component in the Salesforce Community now successfully downloads a merged document.

CM-3051When the merging process is canceled, Conga Solutions launched from Salesforce1 using the Lightning Component does not display a component error.

All the templates are displayed properly on the merge UI when you use TemplateId in a Conga Composer Lightning solution that contains a mix of Qvar with formula field and static value.

CM-3678The user can successfully launch the Conga Composer Solutions from an Android device using the Composer Lightning Component.

Known Issues

The following table provides the cumulative list of known issues up to this release. 

Conga Internal IDDescription


Box integration with Composer is not working properly with the background mode in the Salesforce Community.

CM-3680Adobe Sign integration with Composer is not working properly with the background mode in the Salesforce Community.
DOC ID: CMPSUM21RN20210707