Release notes for Conga Grid 2.66.


New Features and Enhancements

  • Conga Grid now uses Salesforce API version 48. This API version supports all of the latest Salesforce objects. Users can now use Grid with all objects supported in Salesforce API version 48.
  • Time fields are now supported and available to use in Conga Grid.
  • Rich Text field editing, including text formatting such as bullets, italics, and bold font, is now available in Detail Grids.

Issues Resolved

  • Users can successfully use the Redlines tab in the Reading Pane of the Contract Grid created from Conga Contracts Quick Start. An error previously occurred when loading the Redlines Reading Pane tab because the Visualforce page was not successfully created from Conga Contracts Quickstart.
  • Users can successfully create new Grids for the Profile object with the Create a Conga Grid View option in Conga Grid Quickstart. Upon clicking Install after selecting Profile as the object to create the Grid, the wizard user interface previously did not proceed and create a Grid.
  • Grids with multiple lookup fields that are exported with Record IDs no longer have misaligned columns in the exported Excel file. Previously, columns were misaligned in the downloaded Excel file when Grid users leveraged the Export To action and the subsequent Excel with Record IDs option.
  • The Enable Edit setting is respected in a Grid when a it is set to false in the corresponding Visualforce page. Previously, users could still edit Grid data when Enable Edit was set to false in the corresponding Visualforce page.
  • The checkbox indicator remains in the object checkbox when selecting a field from a related object to add to a Grid. Previously, the checkbox indicator disappeared from the related object's checkbox when selecting a field from that object to place on a Grid.
  • The Keyboard Shortcut descriptions are updated to provide accurate descriptions of each shortcut. The descriptions previously did not accurately describe each shortcut's related action.
  • Grids exported as CSV files no longer display extraneous div tags in long text fields.
  • Grid Views with a large amount of formulas now successfully display all formulas in the Saved Formulas section. Previously, some formulas were not displayed in the Saved Formulas section when 10 or more formulas were present.
  • Users can successfully modify and save Column Settings for a checkbox field in a Grid. Previously, Grid generated an error message when attempting to modify and save Column Settings for a checkbox field.
  • The Rich Text Editor's height in Grids is higher to allow users to see more text. Text in the Rich Text Editor was getting cut off by the previous height.