These Release Notes contain the following information about Conga Grid Winter '20 Release.

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  • Packages: Lists packages that are required to upgrade to this release of the product

  • System Requirements and Supported Platforms: Lists requirements and recommendations for installing this release
  • New Features: Provides high-level descriptions of new features introduced in this release, with links to more detailed information

  • Enhancements: Provides high-level descriptions of enhancements to existing features
  • Resolved Issues: Lists customer-reported issues that are resolved in this release or known issues resolved from previous releases
  • Known Issues: Lists known issues that are applicable in this release

This documentation may contain descriptions of software features that are optional and for which you may not have purchased a license. As a result, your specific software solution and/or implementation may differ from those described in this document. Please contact your CSM or AE for information on your specific features and licensing.


The following packages and dependent packages are required to upgrade to this release to utilize all the new features of this release. These are the minimum required versions; later versions are also supported. Separate prerequisites for each feature can be found in the respective guides. The packages marked as (New) are new packages in this release.


Latest Certified Version

(Version Name | Version Number)

Conga Grid3.0

Conga Approvals 

This is only required to install the Approval Center


System Requirements and Supported Platforms 

The following table lists the minimum requirements for installing and using Conga Grid.

System RequirementMinimum Supported Version
Salesforce Edition
  • Performance / Unlimited
  • Enterprise
  • Professional (limitations may exist)
  • Developer
  • Firefox® (minimum supported version by Mozilla)
  • Chrome® (minimum supported version by Google)
  • Internet Explorer® (version 11 or the latest version supported by Salesforce)
  • Safari® (Mac only) (minimum supported version by Apple)
  • Microsoft Edge (minimum supported version by Microsoft)

Upgrade Notes

To upgrade Conga Grid, see Install or Upgrade Conga Grid.

New Features 

The following features are new to Conga Grid in this release.

The Conga Grid Approval Center 

The Conga Grid Approval Center is a dashboard integrated with Conga Intelligent Workflow Approvals. Here you can easily approve, reject, and manage your pending approvals. For information on how to access the Approval Center, see Installing and Setting up the Approval Center.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

User Interface Updates

Several user interface updates were implemented. For more information, see Conga Grid User Interface Updates.

Lightning Email Templates

When you send an email from a template, you now have the option to select Lightning Email Templates. For more information, see Send Email.

Configuration Options

You can now reorder columns and reset column widths.

Conditional Formatting Legend

A conditional formatting legend is now available in your bottom toolbar to give you an overview of the different conditional formatting rules being applied to a view.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is now available as a feature security setting within Conga Grid setup. Enable it to change from paged viewing to infinite scroll.

Text Area Popover

Clicking into a text area field now opens a popover to allow users to see and edit the entire field more easily.

Field Preview

A preview tooltip is now available for text area fields in Grid Views that have editing disabled to allow users to read the full contents of the cell.

Disabled by Default

In Conga Grid Setup, features turned off by default are now labeled as Disabled by Default. 

Resolved Issues 

The following table lists the issues resolved in this release.

Conga Internal IDDescription
AG-878When you fill out a Parental Multi-Picklist field, you are now able to select multiple values.
AG-898You can now add a record in a new window while in Full Screen mode.
AG-904Filtered Lookups now return valid values as results.
AG-942When you batch add tasks to records, the fields now render correctly.
AG-955You now have the option to leave a picklist field empty by selecting a blank value.
AG-958When you clear a lookup field, it now correctly displays as blank instead of retaining the old value.
AG-959When you export to CSV with record IDs, the columns no longer misalign and each lookup has an ID column created.
AG-960When you edit a parental value in the Reading Pane, clicking out of the cell no longer shows the neighboring value instead of the inputted value.
AG-962When you edit a parental field on a Grid, you are no longer blocked from clicking back into the field to make additional changes.
AG-975When you freeze a column, the CSS is now correctly applied the same as when the column is unfrozen.
AG-976When you reset the reading pane, any conditional formatting that was applied is no longer removed from the reading pane Grid.
AG-977When Conga Grid times out, you now receive the following error: Unable to Connect to the Server (Transaction Aborted: Timeout) - Learn more here.
AG-979Resolved an issue where you were unable to update date fields when there was a grandchild column referencing a name related key.
AG-980Resolved an issue where apostrophes and single quotes in a View Name caused duplicate views to be created.
AG-1020Resolved an issue where users couldn’t add a new Related To record inline when a profile only had access to the Master Record Type while other record types existed for an object.

Known Issues 

There are no known issues in this release.