Conga Release Notes contains the following information about Merge Service Spring '21 Release on Salesforce. 

  • Packages: Lists packages that are required to upgrade to this release of the product
  • New Features: Provides high-level descriptions of new features introduced in this release, with links to more detailed information
  • Enhancements: Provides high-level descriptions of enhancements to existing features
  • Resolved Issues: Lists customer-reported issues that are resolved in this release or known issues resolved from previous releases
  • Known Issues: Lists known issues that are applicable in this release

This documentation may contain descriptions of software features that are optional and for which you may not have purchased a license. As a result, your specific software solution and/or implementation may differ from those described in this document. Please contact your CSM or AE for information on your specific features and licensing.


The following packages and dependent packages are required to upgrade to this release to utilize all the new features of this release. These are the minimum required versions; later versions are also supported. Separate prerequisites for each feature can be found in the respective guides. The packages marked as (New) are new packages in this release.

ProductLatest Certified Version
Apttus Merge Service (New)

If you are an existing user, Merge Service is automatically upgraded.

Merge Service Release Configuration

By default, your production org references the GA version of Merge Service. If you had previously configured Merge Service for preview release, you will need to change some settings to use the GA version of Merge Service. All Merge Service implementations need to have the Comply System properties. You need to configure Proposal System properties if you have installed the Apttus Proposals Management package.

Use the following URLs to upgrade to the production version of Merge Service:

As a part of the new refreshed brand identity of Conga, all the existing pre-release Merge Service URLs are consolidated under the domain. Ensure that you use the following URLs in your org.

The following configurations allow you to change your Merge Service or remote site settings:

To change your Merge Service setting for Comply System Properties

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings.

  2. Click Manage for Comply System Properties.
  3. Click System Properties and the Merge Webservice Endpoint setting is displayed.
  4. Change the setting to the merge webservice endpoint URL listed above or another URL provided by Conga and click Save.

To change your Merge Service setting for Proposal System Properties

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings
  2. Click Manage for Proposal System Properties.
  3. Click System Properties and the Merge Service Endpoint setting is displayed.
  4. Change the setting to the merge webservice endpoint URL listed above or another URL provided by Conga and click Save.

To change your Remote Site setting

  1. Go to Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings.
  2. Click Edit for ApttusMergeServer.
  3. Change the Remote Site URL to the remote site URL listed above or another URL provided by Conga and click Save.
  4. Click Save.

If you would like to be engaged in our Pre-Release program for Merge Service, please reach out to your assigned CSM for details.

New Features

There are no new features in this release. Keep checking the Conga Documentation Portal for new updates.


The following enhancements are new to Merge Service in this release.

Ability to View the Header and Footer in the Published Document

You can publish the generated document with the header and footer and view the header and footer in the published document using Online Contract Collaboration.

Ability to Search Content in Large Agreement Documents

You can search the content in the documents that are more than 25 MB in size. Merge Service supports searching content in large documents by extracting data from the large documents and splitting it into multiple small documents. The following text is not extracted from large files:

  • When the source document is in PDF format:
    • The text within an image is not extracted.
    • Any text that is not processed by KIRA is not extracted. For example, header or footer text.
    • The text in the split documents is in a different order when compared with the original document. For example, multi-column table text, header or footer text.
  • When the source document is in MS Word format:
    • Some symbols (for example, custom bullets) are not extracted.
    • The text inside shape elements, watermark text, and the text inside the AltChunk elements are not extracted.

    • The hyperlink title text is extracted but not the hyperlink address.

Ability to Regenerate Documents with Redlines

You can regenerate the agreement document and retain the redlines with regenerateDocWithRedlines API even if you do not have access to X-Author for Contracts. The regenerateDocWithRedlines API allows you to:

  • Regenerate DOCX documents in DOCX format.
  • Retain the following in the regenerated document:
    • Redlines in the text.
    • Redlines in all smart and non-smart fields.
    • Redlines in smart and non-smart clauses if:
      • A clause was available or inserted in the original document but not in the regenerated document. 
      • A clause is available in the regenerated document but not in the original document.
    • Comments, tables, and segments from the original document.
  • Select the document version of a document to be regenerated.

After you have regenerated the document, you can perform all the X-Author for Contracts actions (such as mark fields and clauses, preview reconcile, reconcile, check-in, etc.) in the document.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the issue resolved in this release.

Case Number

Conga Internal ID



A community user was unable to generate a document from a proposal.


A user observed that extra spaces were added in the generated word documents or published documents via OCC-CFS.

Known Issues

The following table provides the cumulative list of known issues up to this release.

Conga Internal IDDescription

On marking a row conditional with any data type and an equals to operator with an invalid value, a user can see the row in the repeat table.


When a non-localized agreement template has a localized clause, a user cannot generate a document using the template.

MS-1504A user cannot Preview Generated Documents from the Notes and Attachments tab.
MS-1555A user cannot merge offline documents using mergeDocsToPDF2 API.
MS-1540When RetainHeaderFooter = True or False and CumulativePageNumber = True or False, the number of pages increases in the created word package document output.
MS-1539When CumulativePageNumber = False and RetainInputHeaderFooter = True, a wrong page number is displayed on the last page of the document and before the starting page of the new document.

DOC ID: MSSPR21RN20210226