New Feature

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Attachment Tags

  • Conga Sign features new Attachment tags that allow recipients to upload additional supporting files in the signing user interface.
  • The attached files are directly uploaded as a Salesforce file on the associated Salesforce object record.

Business Units

  • Business Units are now available in Conga Sign Setup.
  • Business Units allow users to configure and customize branding for specific organizations, departments, and entities in a Salesforce org Conga Sign Transactions and emails.

Create New Recipients for a Transaction

  • Conga Sign provides users the capability to create and add new recipients in the Create Transaction user interface. This allows users to add new recipients, who are not existing Contacts, Leads, or Users in Salesforce, to a Conga Sign Transaction. Administrators can also use Conga Sign parameters and Composer integration parameters to automatically create and add new Conga Sign Recipients to a transaction.