The following eSigntaure tags are available to use in a document with Conga Sign. You can add tags by dragging and dropping a tag in the Preview and Tag screen of Conga Sign. You can add custom tags to address business needs in addition to the standard tags below.

To learn more about custom tags, see Using Signature and Custom Tags.

PurposeConga Sign Tag
Signature of Recipient 1\signature1\
Initial of Recipient 1\initial1\
Name of Recipient 1\fullname1\
Title of Recipient 1\title1\
Email of Recipient 1\email1\
Date of Recipient 1\date1\
Company of Recipient 1\company1\
Checkbox of Recipient 1\checkbox1\
Attachment of Recipient 1\attachment1 {"label":"Driver's License"}\
Customtext\customtext1 {“label”:”Address”}\

Tags can be incremented with the number 1-10. Each number represents the corresponding signer. For example, \signature2\ is the tag for the second recipient.

You can give customtext tags attributes and properties. For example, you can add a label to the custom text tag:

\customtext1 {"label": "Add a label here"}\

For more information on customtext tags, see Using Signature and Custom Tags

If you do not want these tags to appear in your document, change the font color to white. eSignature tags for Conga Sign.