New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Complex Bundle Configuration

The following product configuration support has been added with this release:

  • Multi-Level Bundles (Nested Bundles)
  • Options & Attributes support for Configuration
    • Standalone Level Attributes
    • Bundle Level Attributes
    • Option Level Attributes

Constraint Rules

Support for Options & Standalone products:

  • Inclusion Rules
  • Exclusion Rules
  • Recommendation Rules

Asset Based Orders for Standalone Products

Asset Based Ordering has been introduced with the following capabilities:

  • View Assets
  • Filter Assets
  • Renew recurring Standalone subscriptions
  • Terminate recurring Standalone subscriptions

You can enable or disable Asset Based Orders anytime from the Storefront Admin.


You can now apply promotions on your cart. With this release, the following tasks can be performed:

  • Auto-apply applicable promotions to the items selected in cart
  • View applied promotion details in cart
  • Apply manual promotions based on coupons in cart

You can enable or disable Promotions anytime from the Storefront Admin.

Comparing Products

You can now compare more than one product and compare product features in the catalog.