New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Request Quote

Summer 2019 release of Digital Commerce introduces requesting a quote from the cart capabilities. With this feature, you can perform the following operations:

  • Request a quote instead of placing an order directly for better pricing and product configuration and later submit the quote request.
  • View the quote you requested to see and track the status of the quote.
  • View quotes presented to you.
  • Edit the line items in a requested quote to add, modify or delete items.
  • View and manage Attachments and Comments. 
  • Accept a requested quote after it is processed and presented to you for review and proceed to place the order.
  • View the order generated for the quote after the quote is accepted and track the status of the order.
  • View Summary Charts for Quote.

Guest User Checkout

With this release, more capabilities have been enabled for a guest user. As a guest user, you can:

  • Create and configure products to the cart and place an order without registering.
  • Receive email notifications for the order placed and can open it and track the order status.
  • Create or track contacts for guest users for traceability
  • View placed order without registering or logging in.

Multi-Language Support

Digital Commerce Summer 2019 comes with multi-language support from the SDK or Salesforce. This release supports translations for the following:

  • Static Text (Page Titles, Header, Footer, Tabs, and Descriptions)
  • Object fields
  • Data (Product, Categories, and Attribute Groups)
  • Integration with Salesforce Translation Workbench

Payment Integration

Support for Payments Integration has been added with this release:

  • You can use Payment Integration Services and UI to setup payment methods
  • You can add and manage payment methods in addition to adding cards and saving already used cards for making payments
  • Use unmanaged package for Cybersource Payment Integration
  • You can choose to configure and use other payment gateways

Tax Integration

Support for Tax Integration has been added with this release:

  • You can use Tax integration services and UI components to set up tax calculations
  • You can enable Tax Calculation for the Storefront in Digital Commerce SDK
  • Provides a mechanism to calculate the Estimated Tax during Checkout or Request Quote process
  • Calculate the tax and show total tax amount for the order or quote
  • View Tax Breakdown at Summary and Line items
  • Show tax amount for each line items
  • Show Details of the tax for overall calculated tax
  • Show details of the tax for the individual line items
  • Use unmanaged package for Avalara Tax Integration
  • You can also choose to configure and use other tax integration framework


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Asset-Based Ordering

The following enhancements have been done to Asset-Based Order feature with this release:

  • You can buy more than one standalone product from your previously purchased products.
  • You can renew an existing bundle subscription to continue using the product subscription.
  • You can terminate one or more of your bundle subscriptions to end the subscriptions.
  • View Selected Configuration for Asset.
  • Support for multi-charge type.

Attribute-Based Configuration Rules

The following enhancements have been done to Attribute-Based Rules feature with this release:

  • Digital Commerce now shows a quick preview for lookup fields for the selected lookup values.
  • Attribute Rule Matrix executes the Attribute-based constraint rules for Standalone products and bundles that have attributes so that you can select the right configuration.
  • Attribute Value Matrix
  • Generic lookup (reference fields) component that can be used as an input field for single select or multi-select lookup fields.
  • Lookup Attributes allows you to configure and select attributes of type lookup (reference fields) for standalone and bundle products or options.