New Feature

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

TurboPricing Integration with Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce introduces TubroPricing integration for pricing calculations to offload complex pricing computation workload from the Salesforce platform to the Conga Flexible Compute Platform. TurboPricing is an optional pricing engine built using microservices to reduce the processing time on the cart.

New REST APIs for Accept Quote and Accept Order

The Accept Quote and Accept Order SOAP APIs are converted to REST API with the following signatures:

[POST] /quotes/:quoteId/accept
[POST] /orders/:orderId/accept

New REST APIs to Swap, Terminate and Change Assets

With this release, the following two new APIs are introduced to exchange/upgrade, change, and terminate the Assets.

[POST] /assets/swap : To exchange or upgrade the assets
[POST] /assets/terminate : To terminate the assests
[POST] /assets/{assetId}/change : To change the parameters of an asset, associated configuration and related details


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Update to Product Search to Always Match Whole Search Keywords

With this update, Partner Commerce searches for products matching whole keywords including spaces.