About This Guide

With the Digital Commerce on Salesforce User Guide, you can find out how Apttus Digital Commerce works and how customers can quickly select products and checkout having a seamless purchasing experience.



What's CoveredThis User Guide is designed to provide users with information on features and related user interactions to be consumed within Apttus Digital Commerce. This guide covers the most common use cases for users and assumes a level of familiarity with basic Salesforce.
Primary AudienceEnd users (Customers) who want to purchase products from your storefront.
IT EnvironmentRefer to the latest Apttus Digital Commerce on Salesforce Release Notes for information on System Requirements and Supported Platforms.

For a comprehensive list of updates to this guide for each release, see the What's New topic.

Other Resources
  • Digital Commerce Implementation and Deployment Guide: Refer to this guide for installing, implementing and deployment of the Apttus Digital Commerce solution.
  • Digital Commerce SDK: Refer to this guide for technical instructions on the installation and setup of an Apttus E-Commerce storefront.

This guide describes the following tasks: 

  • General Administration
  • Browsing Catalog
  • Managing Accounts and Assets
  • Product Configuration
  • Applying Promotions
  • Comparing Product Features
  • Managing and checking out the cart