The following table lists the availability of features and capabilities supported in CPQ Config UI vs Embedded UI.


CPQ Config UI

Embedded UI
Client-SideServer Side
Constraint RulesInclusion rulesYesYesYes
Exclusion rulesYesYesYes
Validation rulesYesYes (Limited)Yes (Limited)
Recommendation rulesYesYesYes
Replacement rulesYesYes (Limited)Yes (Limited)
Product scopeYesYesYes
Product Group scopeNoNoNo
Product Family scopeYesYesYes
Product Field-set scopeYesYesYes
Product Option Group scopeYesYesYes
Match in Primary Lines or OptionsYesYesYes
Match in LocationYesYesYes
Match in AssetYesYesYes
Match in Cart OptionsYesYesYes
Repeat InclusionYesYesYes
Condition AssociationYesYesYes
Condition CriteriaYesYesYes
Action CriteriaYesYesYes
Match in Related LinesNoNoNo
Is Bundle ContextNoNoNo
Option ConfigurationMin/Max OptionsYesYesYes
Min/Max Total QuantityYesYesYes
Is HiddenYesYesYes
Is PicklistYesYesYes
Modifiable TypeYesYesYes
Option SequencingYesYesYes
Default / Required OptionYesYesYes
Inclusion criteriaNoNoNo
Min/Max QuantityYesYesYes
Quantity - Default /ModifiableYesYesYes
Quantity - Auto UpdateYesYesYes
Allow CloningYesYesYes
Config TypeNoNoNo
Manage AttributesAttribute - Read Only / Hidden / PrimaryYesYesYes
Two-column Attribute DisplayYesYesYes
Three column Attribute DisplayYesYesYes
Product Attribute RulesProduct ScopeYesYesYes
Product Family ScopeYesYesYes
Product Group ScopeYesYesYes
Location ScopeYesNoNo
Filter CriteriaYesYesYes
Action Types (Allow, Default, Hidden, Disabled, Required, Reset)YesYesYes
Product Attribute ValueYesYesYes
Line ItemYesNoNo
Product ConfigurationYesNoNo
Attribute Value MatricesProduct ScopeYesYesYes
Product Family ScopeYesYesYes
Product Group ScopeYesYesYes
Location ScopeYesNoNo
Application Type - DefaultYesYesYes
Application Type - ConstraintYesYesYes
Application Type - Force SetYesYesYes
Field Expressions / RollupEvaluation Context - Constraint Rule action, Record Update, Default Quantity, RollupYesNoNo
Update Product Attribute and Line Item object fieldsYesYesYes
Rollup Group By Field - Line Item, Product AttributeYesYesYes
CallbacksOption Filter CallbackNoYesYes
OthersFormula field support (Condition/action)YesNoNo
Lookups (Example: Attributes)NoYesYes
TurboConfig Data SyncYesNoNo
TurboPricing IntegrationNoNoNo
ABO Flow supportNoNoNo
Service CPQNoNoNo
Multi-language support: For products & categoriesYesNoNo