The following table lists changes in the documentation to support each release.




Spring '21Upgrading Digital CommerceUpdated topic with the information on how to upgrade Digital Commerce to the latest release.

Changing Collaboration Request TypeNew topic for instructions on changing the collaboration type to Digital Commerce.

Digital Commerce Application CachingNew topic for information on the use of API Cache object.

Configuring Digital Commerce ApplicationUpdated information based on complete implementation and deployment.

Adding a Storefront RecordUpdated information based on data model changes in the Storefront record.

Setting Up the Embedded UINew topic added for setting up Embedded UI.

Pricing MechanismNew topic for defining pricing mechanism.

Enabling API FiltersNew topic enabling API filters.

Adding a New LocaleNew topic with information on how to add a new locale from the template.

Digital Commerce Package ObjectsUpdated topic with data model change.

Using Custom Objects Through APIsNew topic for using custom objects through REST APIs.
Winter 2020

Configuring TurboEngines

New topic: A new feature for this release (TurboPricing Integration)

Upgrading Digital CommerceUpdated information about how to upgrade Digital Commerce.
Summer 2020 Patch 1Upgrading Digital Commerce

Updated information about how to upgrade Digital Commerce.

Spring 2020Managing Permissions for Secure Guest User Access to Storefront

Updated topic. Salesforce Winter 2020 security alert introduced during Digital Commerce Winter 2019 and also applicable to Digital Commerce Spring 2020.

Upgrading Digital CommerceNew topic. Added information about how to upgrade Digital Commerce.

Server DeploymentUpdated topic about how to include the UI as a static resource and deploy to Salesforce.
Winter 2019 Rev BManaging Permissions for Secure Guest User Access to Storefront

New topic. Resolution added to workaround Salesforce Winter 2020 introduced security alert.

Winter 2019 Rev AAbout Apttus Digital CommerceUpdated topic to conform with Apttus Documentation standards.
Winter 2019All topics

Restructured to reflect the deployment flow.

Summer 2019 Rev AAbout Apttus Digital CommerceUpdated topic.

Enabling State and Country PicklistsNew topic. Salesforce org level setting introduced in Spring 2019 Patch 9.
Summer 2019
  • Payment Integration

  • Tax Integration with Avalara Tax Engine
  • Setting Up Multi-language Using Translations
  • Setting Email Notification Template for Checkout
New topics. New features for this release.
Spring 2019Adding Custom Attributes to a ProductExisting topic. Changed config information.
Winter 2018Adding Custom Attributes to a ProductNew topic. A new feature for this release.
Summer 2018All topicsComplete new guide.