This Implementation and Deployment Guide covers information on how Digital Commerce works. This guide also provides step-by-step instructions on how to install, implement and deploy Digital Commerce for your customers.



What's Covered

This guide is designed to provide administrators with information on setting up data to be consumed within Digital Commerce. This guide covers the most common use cases for administration and assumes a level of familiarity with basic Salesforce.

Primary Audience

Admin users are responsible for installing, implementing, and deploying the Digital Commerce solution.

IT Environment

Refer to the latest Digital Commerce on Salesforce Release Notes for information on System Requirements and Supported Platforms.


For a comprehensive list of updates to this guide for each release, see the What's New topic.

Other Resources
  • User Guide: Refer to this guide for basic admin tasks and end-user experience.
  • SDK: Refer to this guide for technical instructions on the installation and setup of a storefront.

This guide describes the following tasks: 

  • Setting up Communities
  • Adding a Storefront record
  • Cloning and installing the reference template
  • Local Development Setup
  • Server Deployment
  • Post Deployment Community Setup

Before using Digital Commerce, you must be familiar with the following:

  • Basic Salesforce administration

  • Salesforce and Conga terms and definitions