New Enhancements

The following section describes the existing feature that is changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Scalability Improvements

This release has made the deal guidance process a lot more scalable than it was earlier. These include:

  • Support for thousands of rules and rule entries. For example, 5000+ rules with approximately 10 rule entries in each rule can now be made available in your org.
  • A single query giving output up to 1000+ rule entries which are successfully applied into the cart.
  • Restricted limit for seamless execution of the cart page to 1000 rule entries per cart. If you have some advanced criteria and scope for the rule entries and the limit of 1000 rule entries per cart has reached, then the pricing process on the cart page fails and an error message is displayed.
  • The rules are associated with the Product Groups and the Product Families.