Adding Picklist Values

  1. From All Tabs, go to the Deal Guidance Dimension Sets object.
  2. From the Custom Fields and Relationships section, add the following values to the Business Object picklist.

    Apttus_Config2__LineItem__c, Apttus_Config2__ProductConfiguration__c
  3. The values are added to the Picklist Values for the Business Object and are now available when you create Deal Dimension Sets.

Setting Field Dependencies

  1. Go to Custom Fields & Relationships and click Guidance Type.
  2. In the Field Dependencies section click New.
  3. For Controlling Field select Guidance Type and for Dependent Field select Business Object and click Continue.
  4. For Deal Level and Line Level include the following:

    Deal Level

    Opportunity, Apttus__APTS_Agreement__c, Apttus_DealMgr__Deal__c, Apttus_Config2__ProductConfiguration__c

    Line LevelApttus__AgreementLineItem__c,Apttus_DealMgr__DealLineItem__c, Apttus_Config2__LineItem__c

  5. Click Save. When you create a Deal Dimension Set, the appropriate deal and line level values will be displayed.