You must complete the post-installation configuration first and then set up the colors, dimensions, and guidance rules. When initially configuring Deal Maximizer and Deal Manager modules you must complete the tasks in the order below, as there are dependencies between the objects. Once the objects are all in place and you are using Deal Maximizer, the order in which you modify or add new objects is not as important.

Customize Deal Guidance Layout

To accommodate custom-built content with a custom layout for deals, you can create a custom page . To view the custom page, you need to provide the custom page URL under Config Settings.

From the Object header, click   and search for Config Settings. Click System Properties to edit the configurations. Under Cart Related Settings, enter the custom page URL in the Custom Deal Guidance Page.

For example, enter for a custom page named MyCustomDealGuidancePage. 

For a selected Quote/Proposal Line Item, you can 'Preview' the custom Deal guidance interface and activate the custom page if the preview is satisfactory.

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