Sales rep while negotiating the pricing terms aim to optimize variables affecting pricing and ensure that deals are winning proposals for the organization. Measures are interdependent variables that determine pricing. An organization can have its own measure that drives pricing guidance. For example, one organization might need guidance on a permissible range of Annual Price per unit and the other on Margin percentage. Different organizations also have custom calculations for fields they would like to use for analyzing deals. Deal Guidance offer a pre-defined set of measures:

  • Unit Price
  • Net Price
  • Annual Price Per Unit
  • Discount%
  • Discount Amount
  • Margin%

Please refer the section Rule Measure Formulas to check out formulas for each of the measures. 

Apart from these standard measures, you can define a Custom measure which is the pricing variable of your choice. The Custom measure is applicable at the header level and the line item level because Deal guidance works at the Quote header level. Once you define a custom measure, the sales representative should see the deal guidance based on this custom measure.


If you have upgraded the Deal Maximizer package, you must add the value Custom to the Measure picklist field on the Deal Guidance Rules object. For a new installation, this value is already available in the Measure picklist.

Refer Configuration for Deal Guidance Rules for details.

Using a Custom Measure

Let us take an example to understand how you can create a Custom Measure for one of the requirements. As a Sales Representative, you want to get guidance on a permissible range of Margin for each deal. The formula to calculate Margin for your requirement differs from the out-of-box formula of Margin% ((NetPrice-ExtendedCost)/NetPrice).


  1. On the Line Item, add a new custom formula field for margin. Let's call it Custom Margin. Provide the formula so that the deal guidance rule drives on the basis of this Custom Margin field. You can add a Custom field for guidance at either the Line item level or the Deal level.
  2. Create a new Deal Guidance rule and provide the Guidance Rule Entries

    SequenceQuantity DimensionGoodAverageAcceptableLow
  3. On the cart page, you can see the Deal Guidance pop-up for the Quantity field.