Dimensions are used to populate Dimension Sets, which are subsequently used by Guidance Rules. 

Dimensions can be attributes of products, quotes, quote line items, deals, and deal line items. Dimensions enable you to set the criteria which will be used to judge the quality of a deal.

By default, out of the box, Line Item and Product Configuration are supported. To enable Deal Maximizer for other objects, customers should contact professional services.

To define deal guidance dimensions

  1. Go to the Deal Setup Console and select Add Deal Guidance Dimension.
  2. Enter the following details and click Save or click Save & Renew to repeat this task. 
Dimension NameProvide a descriptive, unique name for the dimension.
Business ObjectSelect the object you plan to use the deal guidance for. This impacts which fields are displayed in the Field list, as they will relate to this object. You can select from:
  • Line Item - This is the line items for the product configuration.
  • Product Configuration - This is the Configurations related list object on the Quote/Proposal record.
Dimension Type

Select whether you want to use a single field from the Business Object record or a formula:

  • Field - this will load the Field list with all of the fields for the selected Business Object.
  • Formula - this will turn the Field list into a text area for entering a formula.
FieldIf you selected Field Dimension Type, this list will contain all of the fields for the selected Business Object. It only includes header level fields. Related list fields are not included. If you selected Formula Dimension Type, you must enter in a valid formula using the fields from the selected Business Object. The formula can be a maximum of 255 characters including spaces.
DescriptionType a brief description. This is an optional field. Click Save. The dimension is now available for inclusion in a Dimension Set. 

Create a dimension set and make use of the newly created dimensions. You can Clone the Dimension, which will display a new Edit page with the dimension options pre-populated with the values from the cloned Dimension. If you want to edit the Dimension later, you must ensure it is not being used by a rule, as you cannot edit dimensions that are in use.